Mozyr United Local History Museum

The museum was founded on 18 June 1948, opened on 7 November 1949. Mazyr United Local History Museum is a museum of regional identity. It was set up and operates as the center of ethnocultural and regional research, implements a complex program for studying local cultural environment. In the museum, there are expositions of local nature and archeology, fighting glory of international soldiers. The museum includes as the branches: the exibition hall, the decorative historical city center "Mozyr Castle", the museum workshop of the ceramicist N.N. Pushkar, the Mozyr folk culture museum "Paleskaya Vada", the museum of partisan glory in Romanovka. The museum workshop provides an exhibition of small-form sculpture works of N.N. Pushkar, who depicted in his works specific features and colours of Mozyr District, typical characters of Polessye people, the world of legends, songs, fairytales, traditions and customs. The exposition of the museum "Paleskaya Vada" shows our spiritual and material heritage, our genetic memory, where there are authentic achievements of Polessye culture. By 1 January 2023, the museum fund includes 50, 281storage units.
The most interesting collections are: archaeological items of the 11th - 13th centuries, which were found on Castle Mountain; ceramic works of the artist N.N. Pushkar; the decorative-applied art collection; the ethnographical collection.